• Mathis custom made *Sold


    20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

    Spectacular Sculpt by Gudrun Legler
    This Baby is made from a Sold Out Limited Edition Sculpt
    So Very Detailed!!!
    This baby can be yours, custom order details skin tone, eyes, hair, birthmarks, rooted or applied lashes,  etc...customize to make uniqueness yours.

    Gorgeous Glass hazel BlueEyes
    Micro Rooted Lashes
    Painted tiny Details everywhere
    Gorgeous Premium Rooted Sandy Blond Mohair
    Beautifully Lightly Tipped Finger Nails And Toe Nails
    Weighted and filled so he is so cuddly in your arms

    Truly one of the most Realistic Babies!!!
    He will come home with a beautiful Layette
    Don't miss out on this one, a true to life beauty!!!  Customize yours today, email me your details!