• Lisa


    This is a sculpt by the talented Linde Scherer. She has been exquisitely painted with thin layer upon layer of genesis heat set paints.
    With her impish grin, she was made to resemble a little fair skinned treasure. Her ice blue eyes compliment her gorgeous skin tone.
    Pale blond eyelashes have been rooted and sealed. Her pale blond curly hair has been micro rooted strand by strand and has been sealed from the inside, so that you may gently style it. The mohair used for this darling girl is top quality, the softest hair available to the touch!! In all the pictures, her hair is actually dry,with no styling product, so you can see it is not frizzy at at!!! No detail has been overlooked, from her manicured fingers and toes, to her little chubby creases. She can be easily posed into many positions.
    Lisa has been weighted with glass beds and the softest polyfil.