• Coco-Malu


    This little one is so special!!
    She is created from the Coco Sculpt by Elisa Marx.
    This beauty has a soft cloth body that is super cuddly.
    Incredible hand micro rooted dark brown hair. Mohair by Delta Dawn, which is so super soft, it does not even require dampening(although you may, as her hair has been sealed from the inside).

    Beautiful hazel glass eyes
    Weighted and filled with only premium micro beads and polyfil.
    Her hands and feet are so incredibly detailed with little wrinkles, just like a newborn. Nails and toenails slightly shaded, manicured and tipped.
    Subtle veining on ankles,feet,hands and arms, adds a more life like quality to this baby!!

    She will come home with a magnetic pacifier, three beautiful sleeveless dresses, her cuddly jammies, a COA from Humble Hearts Nursery, Birth Certificate, Care instructions, and a Receiving blanket,front belly plate.