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    Beautiful Full Torso Chloe
    A gorgeous Linda Murray Cradle Sculpt

    This little girls has a full torso full arms and legs. Inside Full body is a soft cloth body, so she is very cuddly.

    Stunning painted and rooted hair combination looks so lifelike and beautiful.
    Weighted and filled with only the best materials.
    Painted with genesis heat set paints. Layer upon VERY thin layer to give her skin much translucent detail.
    Finger and toe nails have been LIGHTLY tipped, as to look like a baby, not like she just came out of a salon.
    Beautiful glass hazel eyes, with rooted lashes, make her seem like she cant take her eyes off of you!!

    Some cloth is visable on those sculpt, as it has cloth body inside torso.

    She will come home in a nice layette

    **All my babies are created over man many weeks, sometimes months. I never rush in any aspect of this art. You can be assured that these babies look truly lifelike and are heirloom collectables. I have been a quality artist for many years and my work reflects this.