• Bobbie special New baby


    New Bobbie 
    By Humble Hearts Art Dolls

    19 inches (48.2 centimeters)

    This beautiful boy is an exclusive baby right now, as his photos are used by sculptor Linda Murray and suppliers to advertise sculpt!! Be one of the first to own this sculpt by one of the best selling sculptors Linda Murray*The Cradle 

    This beautiful boy has stunningly fine detail. Absolutely breathtaking features.

    He’s complete with a full anatomically correct torso.

    His hair has been rooted with painstaking detail. (Over 30 hours of craftsmanship!)

    Bobbie is extremely snuggly!!! You'll not want to put him down!!

    Weighted to 4.5 lbs - the perfect size for all ages!

    Beautiful expressive glass blue eyes - he’s a charm!

    His fingers and toes both have been manicured by hand.

    Gorgeous skin tones, blended perfectly to represent a purely natural look.

    Be assured that Bobbie comes with all his goodies;
    Multiple outfits, magnetic pacifier, coa, birth certificate, diapers, care instructions and blanket. 

    With Bobbie, you’re not only getting a reborn, you’re getting a treasure for years to come! If you are in search of a premium reborn, look no further!

    I have many, many other photos by request