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    New Arrival... Gorgeous Baby Gannet
    This little one is so so very precious. 
    Just an absolute stunner!
    Gannett by AK Kitagawa 20 inches full limbs
    She will steal your heart!!
    *Glass eyes that are deep brown, but have a lavender blue hue. They are so warm.
    *Hand rooted lashes that look wonderful 
    *Smooth as silk skin tones with just the right mottling
    *Chubbiest little limbs, oh so sweet
    *Little finger and toe nails lightly manicured to look oh so real.
    *Weighted and filled so that this baby is a dream to cuddle
    *Her hair....let's talk about her hair!! This baby has the most scrumptious head of hair. Hand rooted (over 50 hrs), human hair. It is the most glorious hair you will see of this kind. Perfect when dry, dampen to restyle so easy. Very very easy care. Triple sealed from inside.
    *This little angel will come home with all outfits and hair accessories pictured, a magnetic pacifier, care instructions, birth certificate, coa, and blanket.
    *You may also choose peirced ears upon request at no fee.
    This sweetheart is truly stunning! So very realistic, takes your breath away.